Order up! Morning crew celebrates 'National Greasy Foods Day' at the NC State Fair

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Friday is National Greasy Foods Day and where better to celebrate than the North Carolina State Fair.

Since it's the last weekend of the fair, ABC11 morning team members Barbara Gibbs and Kim Deaner attempted to navigate the avalanche of greasy food options.

From "Redneck Eggrolls" to funnel cakes and something called the "Chickenator" (Chicken fingers, cheese, special sauce on a cinnamon roll bun), there's more than you could possibly ever try.

So they decided to do a little research for you.

If you enter the fair's main entrance off Hillsborough street, you'll see a giant gummy bear. Inside that booth, the gummy candies are on a stick, dunked in batter and fried. We're told it tastes like a fried cherry pie.

If you love cheese, don't miss "Hot Wisconsin Cheese." They're huge blocks of a variety of cheeses, chopped in cubes, logs and blocks, dunked in batter, fried in bubbling oil and offered alongside an array of dipping sauces.

Kim loved "Chester's Gators and Taters." They served Kim and Barbara a huge bowl of mac-n-cheese topped with marinated alligator bites. They also sampled the "Sloppy Mac Tater Skins" which were greasy and delicious.

Fat Boys BBQ and Catering is home to a new fair food this year - the "JoCo HoHo." It's a cheese-stuffed jalapeno, wrapped in brisket and deep-fried. "It's the kind of food that gets all over your face," Deaner said, as they both wiped sauce and cheese off their faces.

Around the corner from Fat Boys BBQ, Bubba's Bacon. They're dipping bacon in all sorts of sauces and cereals (yes, that includes fruity pebbles) and they also make something called the "sloppy pig." Two huge pieces of Texas toast, topped with sloppy joe, topped with bacon and queso blanco.

Don't miss the deep-fried olives. They're a string of green olives on a stick, battered and coated then deep-fried with a side of ranch. Delicious if you're an olive fan.

Deaner had to try the deep-fried Oreos and Reese's Cups, they did not disappoint.

By the end of our two-hour trip, the sad part is, our morning team didn't even make a dent in all the greasy temptations.

All they need now is tums and a nap!

Hope this helps you navigate if you're headed to the fairgrounds for the final weekend. Bon Appétit!
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