Clothing pantry started by Wake County bus driver in need of coat donations

Sunday, October 11, 2020
Clothing pantry started by Wake County bus driver needs donations
A Wake County bus driver started a clothing ministry to help students who need coats. The ministry is in need of donations as we get into the colder months.

WAKE COUNTY, N.C. (WTVD) -- A Wake County clothing pantry is in need of donations.

Odessa Harris has been a bus driver in Wake Country for nearly a decade and a half.

Harris sees the needs of all of her students as they get on and off the school bus every day.

"I see a lot of them and they don't have coats," Harris said. "One of the students last winter, she got on the bus and I was like 'Where is your coat at?' and she said 'I don't have one.'"

For that student, Odessa says she went into her own closet to give her a coat.

"If I don't have it, I go to the store and purchase one," said Harris.

That's not the first time or student Odessa has helped.

In 2015, Odessa felt a calling from the Lord-- a clothing ministry which she named Second Chance Ministry.

"When I grew up, we didn't have anything and I don't want the kids to be what my family was, because I know there is help out there," said Harris.

Help not limited to her students, in her free time Odessa makes blankets for seniors.

However, Odessa can't do it alone, she says the need is great.

As we transition into the colder months, she is hoping people will look to their own closets for gently used coats or purchase new ones to make a donation to her ministry.

Donations can be made at First Baptist Church located at 10242 Claude Lewis Rd, Middlesex, NC, 27557.