Orange County residents: Don't put fluoride in water

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Saturday, March 25, 2017
OWASA water meeting
At OWASA's water meeting. the majority of people spoke out against reintroducing fluoride to the water supply

CHAPEL HILL, North Carolina (WTVD) -- Members of the community spoke out Thursday night against adding fluoride to the Orange County drinking-water supply -- including a local dentist.

"We advise our patients not to use fluoride in any form." Said Dr. Michael Willock.

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The new concern began after an equipment malfunction and human error increased fluoride to a level eight times higher than the target amount at the Jones Ferry Road water treatment plant.

The overfluoridation, in addition to a water-main break, prompted officials to shut down the water system for 24 hours, impacting tens of thousands of people -- in and around Chapel Hill.

The OWASA board has since decided it wants to add fluoride back into the water supply.

"I get to decide what toothpaste I buy, and that's not fair that none of us get to decide what's in our water," said one concerned resident.

The majority of people in attendance at the meeting Thursday were against adding fluoride to the drinking water, including one board member.

"I want to go on record just saying that I still oppose having fluoride in the water," said board member Yinka Ayankoya.

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