'They were angels that day': Fayetteville firefighters rescue, revive dog from house fire

A Fayetteville woman is forever grateful to a local group of firefighters that rescued her 5-year-old dog from her burning home on Jan. 15.

Lynnett Sims's home suffered major damage from the electrical fire, but she knows it could've been a lot worse.

"No one was home. Could've been the night before, we could've been sleeping," Sims said.

On that Wednesday afternoon, Sims returned home from work to ringing alarms and a cloud of smoke.

"Opened the door, tried to go in because I realized that she's in there, but I couldn't do it. The smoke and the smell just - that's when I called 911," Sims added.

Sims was talking about her 5-year-old dog named Paris.

Members of the Fayetteville Fire Department Station 7 arrived on the scene and found Paris hiding underneath some blankets, eventually pulling her unconscious body out of the smokey home.

Sims said when she saw Paris laying on the tarp, she thought her daughter was gone.

First responders quickly put a special oxygen mask on Paris and were able to eventually revive her.

After taking her dog to the animal clinic, they learned Paris suffered from a damaged lung but is "doing a lot better and expected to be ok."

Sims said their home is unlivable for the foreseable future, but made it a point to thank the firefighters for their swift action in a video that was put together by the department.

In that video, members of Station 7 say "God put us there to save that animal".

"I say they were angels that day. They got there quick, responded quickly and took care of her. That's my baby," Sims said.
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