How to track PlayStation 5 and XBox Series X restocks

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- The PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X are the two hottest game consoles to snag this holiday season, and they are nearly impossible to find for sale from authorized retailers.

While retailers are restocking online, if you don't want to keep looking each day, some services can notify you when they're available.

PCMAG tried out some of the free inventory tracking services like HotStock and NowInStock.

"They work with major retailers like Best Buy, Game Stop so that people can find out immediately if there is stock available," says Chandra Steele with

If you want to use these tracking services, you just search for the product you would like to get alerts for, and it will then monitor the product listings for restocks and will send you a notification via your browser, email, or mobile app. If you can't find the game consoles in the store or online through major retailers and want to try a third-party website, be careful from which site you purchase from because it isn't a guarantee you will get the product.

"Don't purchase them from eBay or from any sources that are either marked up considerably or you have absolutely no recourse if you do not receive your gaming console. There are so many shady sites right now trying to take advantage of people during this time of year," Steele said.
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