Raleigh Christmas Parade: Where to park, when to arrive, road closures and other FAQs

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Friday, November 22, 2019
Road closures for the Raleigh Christmas Parade
Road closures for the Raleigh Christmas Parade

Have questions about this year's ABC11/LeithCars.com Raleigh Christmas Parade presented by Shop Local Raleigh? The Greater Raleigh Merchants Association has answers!

Q: What is the latest you suggest we park?

A: This is up to you! Some will arrive starting at 7 a.m. to get the same seats they have come to love every year, while some will arrive later. Parking is free on the street because it's Saturday but remember, it's first come first serve. Parking decks are an option but some charge a fee. Parking decks can be found on Blount, Wilmington and McDowell streets.

Q: What's the route?

A: Begins on Hillsborough Street at St. Mary's Street, proceeds to the State Capitol, turns right onto Salisbury Street, turns left onto Morgan St., turns right onto Fayetteville St, turns right onto Davie St., turns left onto Salisbury St. and continues to Lenoir Street where it disbands

Q: How far is the parking to a good viewing area?

A: All areas of the parade have good viewing areas! With over a mile of a footprint to choose from, you can't go wrong. Some love the ambiance of Fayetteville St. and others love the open air & view of the Capital on Hillsborough St. With parking decks, street parking and more all over town, you won't be disappointed.

Q: Do you allow vendors to set up and sell at the parade?

A: No. We reserve all available viewing areas for parade attendees.

Q: Will there be handicapped seating?

A: The parade viewing area is all street-side viewing. We do ask that everyone help make this a fun and enjoyable experience for all- please allow handicapped and children access to see the parade.

Q: Will there be porta-potties on the parade route?

A: Yes, porta-potties will be placed throughout the event footprint. Local businesses will also be open and will have restrooms available for their customers. What a great way to support a local business by purchasing a cup of coffee, hot cocoa or pastry and help generate revenue for your local economy!

Q: Can our charity get permission to put up a tent and sell donuts?

A: We do not give out permits for any vendors, since much of the area is private property and we do not control this area.

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