Recalled washer comes apart in Raleigh home

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Monday, December 12, 2016
Exploding Samsung washer
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A young family didn't know their Samsung washer was recalled when it exploded.

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Unaware that their Samsung top-loading washing machine was the subject of a national recall, a Raleigh family says it violently came apart in their home.

"If our baby was in the room who knows what would have happened to our 12-day-old baby, 8 pounds," said Raleigh homeowner and new dad Patrick Sabastian.

Patrick and Kristen Sabastian

Patrick and his wife Kristen got a big scare while they were giving their 2-week-old daughter a sponge bath.

"All of a sudden we heard this big explosion and it sounded like an 18-wheeler slamming into our house," he said.


When Patrick got into their kitchen, he was shocked to find his Samsung washing machine in pieces. He said the top just blew off.

"[The] explosion was so dramatic it moved the running very heavy dryer, and dented that as well," he said.

At first, the couple though what happened to their washing machine was unique until they went online and learned last month Samsung voluntarily recalled 2.8 million of their top load washing machines. The Sabastian's washing machine was included in that recall.

"They should have called us and/or mailed us something," said Patrick.

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The Consumer Product Safety Commission says there's been more than 700 reports of the washing machines experiencing excessive vibrations or the top detaching from the machines. There are 9 reports of injuries, including a broken jaw.

The Sabastian's say shortly after the incident, they reached out to Samsung.

"They said we can give you a rebate for a portion of what you paid for the machine which was ridiculous. We don't want to be overdramatic here, but it did explode in our house. I don't think it's asking too much to at least give us the amount of money so we can get a new washer and dryer," Patrick said.

The Sebastian's got me involved, and say they quickly got different action from Samsung. They tell me Samsung gave them a full refund of what they paid for the washer and dryer, and also reimbursed them for the sheets they were washing at the time of the incident. They tell me Samsung also agreed to pay for any damages the incident may have caused to their home. The couple is relieved Samsung is taking care of them, but they worry for the other homeowners who have these recalled washing machines.

"I'm most concerned about our family and what could have happened with our baby, ourselves, our dog, anything, but also for other families because this is inside people's homes and this is voluntary recall. So they may have no idea. I'm just terrified for other families too," Kristen said.

When it comes to the Sabastian's incident the company issued this statement, "We are sorry to hear about the Sebastians' experience and have been in communication with them to resolve the issue to their satisfaction. The safety of our customers and the quality of our products are top priorities for us and we strive to deliver the best possible experience for all Samsung consumers. We encourage anyone with a product concern to contact us at 1-800-SAMSUNG."

When it comes to how Samsung is informing its customers about the recall Samsung adds this statement, "Since announcing the recall last month, Samsung has been moving quickly to inform top-load washer owners about the issue and the options available to them. Working in partnership with retailers and the CPSC, Samsung has been actively informing consumers through direct outreach that has included customer service, social media, marketing, and in-store communication."