Burlington woman accused of chasing down two 12-year-old girls with her car in Graham

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Wednesday, August 26, 2020
Driver charged after two girls say they were chased
Driver charged after two girls say they were chased

GRAHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- A Burlington woman is facing a felony charge after an encounter with two 12-year old girls in Graham Friday afternoon.

Aisha Huru, 12, said she was with a friend when they went to the Six to One Mini Mart on West Harden Street.

After they left, Huru said she was on the phone talking and laughing, when a woman, identified as 52-year-old Sandrea Warren, pulled up in her car and asked if the girls were talking about her.

"We had told her 'no' multiple times. She said, 'Are you sure you (weren't) speaking to me?' We said, 'no,'" Huru said.

Spooked by the encounter, Huru said she and her friend began walking in the other direction.

When Huru dropped her snack, she noticed Warren was following them with her car, and says she chased them into the parking lot of Colors Edge on North Maple Street.

"I was just scared, I started shaking and everything. All I could remember is running away and trying to not get hit by the car. And try not to let her see me," said Huru.

A Graham police officer witnessed the tail-end of the altercation and called Huru's mom.

"It was almost like fate that an officer would be there," said Faith Cook, Aisha's mom.

That officer arrested Warren the next day. Warren was charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill.

"These were minors, these were children. And we're talking about a 52-year old woman. We don't get driver's licenses to use them as weapons, to scare other people," said Cook.

Neither girl was physically injured during the incident.

Warren was released from jail Saturday evening after posting a $200,000 secured bond. She had her first court appearance Monday, and is due back in court on on Sept. 15.

The attorney representing Warren declined comment, citing the pending nature of the case.

As of Tuesday evening, Graham Police had not completed their report.