Companies like Spectrum will no longer prorate your bills

When you cancel your internet or phone service, it's no longer standard for companies to end your financial obligation on that same date.

Spectrum is just one of the companies to change its billing policy. While the company used to prorate customers' bills, now customers are required to pay the entire billing cycle no matter when you cancel during that month.

Several ABC11 viewers reached out wanting to know why the change in billing. A representative for Spectrum said, "This is a common approach to billing among other providers of monthly subscription services."

"Our commitment to our customers is unchanged; every day we strive to deliver superior products and services like our 200 Mbps minimum broadband speeds with a customer-focused approach that includes no annual contracts or early termination fees, nationally uniform pricing and easy-to-understand bills."

Spectrum customers were notified in their statements about this billing change. The Troubleshooter Takeaway is to always ask your provider before you sign up or disconnect your service so you are not surprised by any charges.
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