Asheboro High School student who wore Mexican flag over his graduation gown received diploma Monday

Monday, June 7, 2021
NC student gets diploma after controversy
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The Asheboro High School student who was denied his diploma after violating the dress code at graduation was able to pick up his diploma Monday.

ASHEBORO, N.C. -- The Asheboro High School student who was denied his diploma after the district said he violated the dress code at graduation was able to pick up his diploma Monday.

Ever López said he wore a Mexican flag over his graduation gown to express pride in his racial and ethnic heritage.

Representatives, along with López's mother, spoke about the incident at a press conference Monday.

They said that they were "humiliated" when they were escorted out of the school by police officers after being told López would not be able to take his diploma home.

"We're only asking for an explanation from the principal about the incidents that happened on Thursday and even why we were escorted out by police officers," Ever's mother, Margarita, said. "Because what happened on Thursday isn't just about my son, it's about our entire Latino community."

WATCH: López family speak publicly

After the press conference, López and his family went into the school to meet with administrators and to get López's diploma.

"The graduate picked up his diploma at Asheboro High School on Monday, June 7 following a press conference coordinated by Siembra NC," the district said in a statement on Monday. "As with all graduates, we wish him well and we will continue to serve our community in ways that help all young people meet their full potential."

"I'm grateful that I got what I deserve," Ever said after picking up the diploma.

Ever López's full news conference

Asheboro High School had to employ additional security after the school received multiple "threatening" emails in retaliation for a student being denied their diploma for wearing a Mexican flag over his gown.

The school said Sunday that it received a total of 10 emails threatening violence against the school.

One email in particular sent to a school official wrote, "I'm gonna shoot up this school if you don't give that young man his diploma."

Authorities are investigating the source of the 10 emails sent to school employees. Anyone with information on the threats is asked to contact the Asheboro Police Department at (336) 626-1300 ext. 302.

The family was adamant on Monday that while they did feel the school handled the situation inappropriately, they were disheartened to hear that threats of violence had been made against in the school since the story went viral.

The speakers at the press conference defended the school and educators, saying they did not deserve to be threatened in any way.

A 68-second video of the graduation shows López wearing the flag over his robes as he walks toward the stage. During the exchange, Asheboro High School initially denied giving López the diploma --- and later defended the action saying that wearing a flag of any kind is a violation of the dress code.