North Carolina veterans gather to honor the fallen on 1st post-pandemic Memorial Day

All across America this weekend, there are solemn ceremonies at cemeteries, as the nation pauses to observe Memorial Day.

"We put about 500 flags out, then we have a memorial service here. That sort of gets things going for the weekend," said Lee Heavlin, the Adjutant for American Legion Post 6 in Chapel Hill. "In this cemetery we have Tuskegee Airmen, we have WWII veterans who not only served in WWII, but were called back to serve in Korea. And their stories are not told. We do that, at this event."

"We do whatever we can to remember them, whether they're family or not," said Tony Garcia, also of American Legion Post 6. "And this day is reserved for those individuals who made the ultimate sacrifice, that we're so grateful for.'

This year, the post also honors one of their brothers in arms.

"And I do believe I get emotionally involved, especially with it being so recent." said Garcia. "I spent time with him, the night before he passed. As a man, a leader and a community guy he pioneered so many things, and didn't really wear those awards on his chest."

His service and his sacrifice, as well as that of the others who gave all, are appreciated and remembered---especially on Memorial Day Weekend.

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