Spirit Airlines adds 7 nonstop flights from RDU Airport

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Spirit Airlines is bringing seven nonstop destinations to RDU.

The airline, which is known for its yellow interior, is also renowned for its affordable prices.

Tanya Pomkoski, a traveler, couldn't pack her bags fast enough.

"I don't even remember. That's how fast I packed my bag. I think I have a bathing suit. I hope I have a bathing suit," said Pomkoski.

Pomkoski, as well as her friend, Jen Levow, are hoping Thursday is their lucky day.

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"We both are moms raising kids and have our husbands at home taking care of them and we got to teach those kids to be spontaneous," said Levow.

Levow and Pomkoski showed up with their bags packed and their names were entered in a drawing for an all expenses paid trip to Orlando.

The contest celebrates Spirit Airlines adding seven new non-stop destinations to RDU--yet another expansion to the Triangle's airport. Spirit is offering daily nonstop flights to Baltimore, Boston, Detroit, Fort Lauderdale, New Orleans and Chicago.

"We're like, 'oh where else is Spirit going to fly to?' Because our bags are packed so where are we going to get a deal to?" Levow asked.

RDU saw a 10 percent increase in passengers between 2017 and 2018 and they're expecting another 10 percent increase this year. They're planning to invest more than $104 million into the airport's infrastructure. And officials say all of this is a good sign for this area.

"We're usually a barometer of what's going on in a local community. So we're growing a lot and that's usually an indication our community is growing," said RDU Authority CEO Michael Landguth.

All seven of Spirit's nonstop flights began on Thursday.
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