Business owner gets $15K from NC unclaimed fund; Check to see whether you have money

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Sunday, January 8, 2023
You may have unclaimed cash in NC, here's how to get it
More than one billion dollars are waiting to be claimed in North Carolina and it's cash that could belong to you. This money sits in the state's unclaimed fund account until its rightful owner claims it.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- More than $1 billion are waiting to be claimed; it's cash that could belong to you. This money sits in the state's unclaimed fund account until its rightful owner claims it.

A Triangle business owner, Juan Chambers, lost track of several checks worth about $45,000.

"I lost them probably somewhere in my move to here or my office," Chambers said. Despite losing the actual checks, he had copies of the lost checks.

"I went to the bank and asked them about it and then the bank said, 'well, we sent it to state."

The bank sent the money to the state because the North Carolina Treasurer's office has an unclaimed fund department, where money is turned over by a company that did business with someone in the state, and when that company can no longer contact the person, by law, they were required to send the money to the state treasurer for safekeeping.

"It's been a record year, we've paid out over $110 million this year out of," State Treasurer Dale Folwell said,

While it was a landmark year for getting money back to consumers, Folwell said there is still more than $1 billion waiting to be claimed.

"We have nearly 19 million records of things that belong to people. We do everything we can to get it back to the rightful owners," Folwell added.

Chambers did file claims with the state to get his money. He said he was told, "We would need further documentation to be able to release it."

Chambers said he provided proof that the money belongs to him and did get a little more than half of the $45,000 but couldn't get the last $15,000 check that was lost, written from his business made out to him.

"I sent the documentation saying I own this company. Here it is. I'm this person. Here's my ID, here's everything that you expect, and they still say no," he said.

Chambers got in touch with ABC11 Troubleshooter Diane Wilson and Wilson got in touch with the state treasurer's office.

"You made contact with them and it was like, overnight," Chambers said.

A representative with the state treasurer's office said they needed certain paperwork, and we got that to them Chambers now has his $15,000.

"I got my money, finally, thanks to you," Chambers said.

Do you have unclaimed cash in North Carolina?

To see whether you have unclaimed funds waiting for you, check your name here.

It's key to remember you don't have to pay to get this money, it's FREE. If you are asked to pay, you're not on the state of NC website.

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