2 arrested after chase, crash near NC State linked to string of robberies

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Wednesday, November 10, 2021
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A 19-year-old and a juvenile were arrested near the N.C. State University campus in connection with 14 area robberies on Tuesday.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- A 19-year-old and a juvenile were arrested near the N.C. State University campus in connection with 14 area robberies on Tuesday, Raleigh Police Department told ABC11.

The arrests happened after a police chase that ended in a crash at an off-campus complex.

Jaronte Turner, 19, and an unnamed minor were in a stolen black Honda Civic when police started chasing them.

Raleigh police chased the pair for some time, and students in nearby apartments said they heard tires screeching before the car came to rest in a wooded area near University Suites just south of I-40, about six minutes from campus.

"I heard police sirens but I assumed it was on Tryon or something and 20 minutes later, I saw people gathering and 20 to 30 police cars here," said Kevin Kang, a senior at N.C. State, "I had absolutely no clue. There were people playing basketball when it all happened and they saw what happened. A car drove into the woods and the police went in, arrested both of them."

Police told ABC11 that the suspects were linked to some of the seven area robberies that happened Monday in and around campus.

A WolfAlert sent to the student body Monday night about a robbery next to the McKimmon Center mentioned a black Honda Civic.

Students at the complex told ABC11 that crime has been happening a lot of late.

"Within the past week as far I understand, there have been a couple of car break-ins in the neighborhood. Within the past couple of weeks, they have had someone come in on duty to keep track of everything, but I have heard a fair amount of news about break-ins in the area," said Austin Deneve.

Deneve lives in the apartments next to where the car crashed.

"I kind of walked outside downstairs, didn't think anything of it. I had heard a little bit of screeching and a crash of a car into the woods and then I looked up," he said.

Josh Moorman, an N.C. State junior, said class ended at 4:15 p.m. and he got home as the chase ended.

"I just see all these cop cars chasing someone and apparently went over tons of speed bumps real quickly and ran right into the woods there," Moorman said. "There's been a lot of crime reports in the area and on campus, and we've been getting tons of emails about it. It's crazy it was this close."