Unlicensed pool contractor facing criminal charges

FAYETTEVILLE, NC (WTVD) -- An unlicensed pool contractor is now in trouble with the law. Seth Braddy is facing criminal charges of worthless checks and failure to do work after being paid.

We first told you about Braddy and his problem to finish jobs last fall. Since our story, I've heard from more viewers who say Braddy took their money for pool jobs and didn't complete the work.

Fayetteville homeowners Jessica Callahan and her husband signed a contract with Braddy's company, Aqua Pool Design, in the summer of 2017.

The Callahans paid $10,000 of the $29,500 contracted price.

When work started, Jessica said Braddy required another $3,500 to start digging the hole for the pool.

She adds, "He got the Bobcat stuck in the hole and leaves it there in the yard."

The Callahans paid for a pool that was never installed.

When the fiberglass pool was in and ready to be installed, Braddy said he could only install it if she paid another $10,000 for him to pick up and deliver the pool from his distributor.

Jessica paid the $10,000, but she said Braddy never delivered the pool.

At this point, Braddy had $23,500 of the Callahan's money. Jessica got a hold of Seth, "I asked where our money is? What is the problem? He's like I did use your money, I admit it."

Braddy did give Jessica a check for $20,000, but when she cashed the check, it bounced.

Jessica went to police and Braddy was criminally charged for the worthless check and not completing the work.

Jessica Callahan shows Diane Wilson where the pool was to be installed.

"We've come to terms we probably are never going to get our money back for us it's the principle that the other people he's done this to. It needs to stop,"Jessica said.

When it comes to hiring a contractor, for a big job it wise to make sure the contractor is licensed. Any contract over $30,000, the contractor must be licensed. Also just because a contractor gives you proof that something is being done, do your research to make sure it's accurate.

In the Callahan's case, Braddy did give them a permit that he claimed he got from the county, but Jessica says when she checked with the permit office it was not legit.

She also said some of the invoices she got from Braddy showing her pool was in and ready for pickup was not related to her contract.

Braddy is due in court later this month on the criminal charges.

Braddy did not respond to requests for comment.
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