Can you bill me now? Apex man feuds with Verizon

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Friday, October 21, 2016
Apex man feuds with Verizon over cancelled account
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Alex Youstic said he was still billed after he cancelled his Verizon account

APEX (WTVD) -- When you cancel a service, you don't expect to keep getting billed for it months later.

Alex Youstic moved from Pennsylvania to North Carolina last November. Before making the move, Alex says he cancelled all of his services at their home, including his home phone from Verizon.

He never thought much about it, until months later when he checked his bank statements and discovered Verizon continued to automatically draft his account $88.00 each month for a service Alex says he cancelled. When Alex finally discovered the charges, it was more than $800.00 worth of bills.

"That is definitely a whole lot of money," Alex said. "Especially for an individual who is disabled and unemployed."

Alex and his parents contacted Verizon, even providing a confirmation number they say they were given when they cancelled in November.

"Individuals at the store were very little help, and when I tried contacting them over the phone, I just kept getting transferred back and forth to various departments," Alex said.

Alex wanted his money back, so he got in touch with me. I reached out to Verizon and Alex got great news from the carrier. Verizon refunded him the more than $800.00 worth of charges.

"It's finally cancelled and I'm very happy."

The best advice is to also look at your statement often to make sure all of the charges or bank drafts should be there. The minute you notice a problem, contact your bank or credit card right away.

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