Recalled washing machine explodes and it's all caught on camera

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Friday, December 8, 2023
Recalled washing machine explodes | Caught on camera
"Our washing machine just exploded. It blew was everywhere."

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- "Our washing machine just exploded. It blew up."

That was Reggie Braswell after seeing damage in his garage and watching video from his security camera.

"Glass all up about the front, about the door, and glass was everywhere," he said. Braswell took pictures of the aftermath as his Samsung top loader washing machine was mangled in pieces, with the top blown off.

"I'm just thankful no one was out there; we weren't out there," he said.

Braswell documented the damage to his dryer, garage wall, outlets and his car. Braswell cleaned up his garage and -- since the washing machine was in pieces -- took it to the curb.

"The amount of force that happened during the explosion projected it out from the wall...The door blew open, the cover of the door blew off and landed on the floor."

"I sat it outside and the recycle guy already picked it up," he recalled.

Braswell called Samsung to report the issue.

"The lady told me that the 'Oh well since you don't have the washer anymore, we can't do anything for you.'"

Braswell started doing some research online and learned the Samsung top loader washing machine was part of a massive recall in 2016. This recall was issued after the ABC11 Troubleshooter investigation began in 2015 exposing the issue.

"Our washing machine just exploded. It blew up."
Reggie Braswell

ABC11 was the first to show you how Sarah Price of Holly Springs had her washing machine explode mid-wash. After Price's case, ABC11 continued to hear from more Triangle homeowners with the same issue.

The recall included 2.8 Million Samsung washing machines, several different models. When Braswell searched his serial number it showed it was a recalled machine. He said he had no idea it was recalled and claimed he didn't get a recall notice.

Samsung has settled a class action lawsuit that alleged the top loaders were defective.

Braswell said he called the number listed on the recall notice for Samsung.

"They told me that if I don't have the machine, they can't do anything for me, even though I have the videos, serial numbers," he said. Braswell reached out to Troubleshooter Diane Wilson and she got in touch with Samsung who provided this statement:

"The safety of our customers is paramount and we value their commitment and trust in our brand. We have reached out to Mr. Braswell to resolve this matter, including a full refund for his product as well as compensation for the damage to his property.

After announcing this voluntary recall in 2016, we immediately notified our customers about available remedies. These efforts included mailing Recall Kits to more than two million customers, which contained a new control panel guide, warning labels, and instructions on how to schedule a free in-home repair or take advantage of an exchange rebate. Seven years later, these remedies are still available today and we encourage any affected customers to contact our Top-Load washer hotline at 1-866-264-5636 for immediate assistance.

We remain committed to delivering top-quality, innovative products that enhance the lives of our customers and we are grateful for their loyalty."

Samsung also added that their records indicate Braswell was mailed a Recall Kit in 2016, as one of the more than 2 million customers who received this notice. The company said the 2016 recall only included certain top-load washers manufactured between March 2011 and October 2016. Front-load washers were not affected and top-load washers manufactured outside this date range are not affected.

Braswell said he is happy with how Samsung has handled the case after ABC11's involvement. He said to Wilson, "You all got involved in it, and first thing out of the bat they changed their mind and decided to take care of the problem. I thought 'What a godsend.'"

This is an important reminder of why it's so important to pay attention to recalls. Many times, the notices arrive in the mail, and it's easy to discard, but recall notices happen to due safety concerns, so it's key to take action if you have a product impacted.