Thunderstorm passes through Raleigh, causes heavy damage in some areas

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Wake County residents woke up Monday still dealing with the aftermath of Sunday's stormy weather.

Heavy storms passing through Raleigh late Sunday afternoon caused heavy damage in several areas.

As of noon, more than 300 people in the county were still without power.

Several traffic lights are down so commuters should give themselves extra time in the morning.

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During the storm, many trees were uprooted, some even snapped and caused road closures/blocks.

Many roads like -- Anderson Drive near Atlantic Avenue --were partially closed on Monday.

Beechridge Road near Breeze Road was closed Sunday.

Officials said a tree snapped off and fell on power lines and a car in that area.

Parts of Byrd Street were also closed, as well as other roads around White Oak Road due to storm damage.

"It brings back memories of Hurricane Fran in 1996," said Julian Williamson, who lives a street over from Byrd Street. "This street is a great street. It's closed off for Halloween--a lot of young, nice families. Just thankful it appears nobody got hurt."

Stuart Thompson, who also lives in the area, had a tree smash his car.

"It was probably more excitement than we would've needed on a Sunday afternoon," Thompson said.

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