Nicole M. Clagett - Contributor for ABC11 WTVD
Specializing in social work, long-term care, education, business development, national replication, and healthcare administration. Experienced in social work in a clinical capacity and in a macro role working with systems by being a change agent. I am the co-founder of Guiding Lights in the (Triangle market known as Transitions GuidingLights, an affiliate of Transitions LifeCare) a charity that supports caregivers who are providing care to adults, typically older adults with chronic conditions with information, referral, education and support at no charge.

Serving as an advocate for individuals afflicted with Alzheimer's Disease and those suffering from chronic conditions is a passion of mine. As a member of the long term care community for over 20 years I have personally witnessed the impact (socially, emotionally, and economically) that caregiving has on families.

Working with older adults and their caregivers continues to be my focus and I believe in the 'law of plenty' as evidenced by breaking down the silos of health care organizations and creating and participating in consortiums of healthcare providers that actively discuss issues facing the older adults that they are serving and how this underserved population can have a better quality of life through education, resource sharing, and problem solving refuels my internal energy to continue my work.

Working with various media outlets through broadcast journalism by using my voice and expertise to educate by raising the base knowledge of the community as a whole is a gift that I am so grateful to have been given. The use of media empowers the community to know what options exist to support them in their caregiving roles.

My perspective on what it is like to be both a professional and personal caregiver (having cared for my grandfather and a friend) serves as a constant reminder of why I get up every day to continue to do the work that I do to serve our community.

When I am not at work I enjoy spending time with my four children in our beautiful blended family living with my husband Todd. I can be found playing with our flock of chickens, checking on our bees, tending our organic garden, riding around on our ATV... gazing at the moon and stars, and can even at times be seen on the back of a motorcycle!

I look forward to supporting you during caregiving journey.

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