Nicole M. Clagett - Contributor for ABC11 WTVD
Nicole has spent her career specializing in social work, community-based and long-term care, education, business development, caregiver support, and healthcare administration.

Experienced in social work in a clinical capacity, with a macro approach, she co-founded Guiding Lights Caregiver Support Center. This charity supported caregivers who provide care to adults, typically older adults with chronic conditions, with information, referral, education and support at no charge. Nicole is currently working at Duke Health and is building caregiver support within the health system. The program will officially launch in early 2022. Through her role at Duke Health, they created the first-ever Duke Caregiver Community Event (2021) which served over 2,300 caregivers in our community with free education and connection to resources.

Working with older adults and their caregivers continues to be her focus. Nicole has worked with various media outlets through broadcast & digital journalism by using her voice and expertise to educate consumers.

Nicole received an honorary doctorate and Global Humanitarianism Award (2019) around her work in caregiver support as well as the Raleigh Media Award (2018) for her work in radio and the Presidential Lifetime achievement award (2021).

Nicole is the contributor to ABC11's Caregivers Corner. She also manages ABC11's online Facebook group that allows community members to support one another during their caregiver journeys.

Nicole's Stories
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