NC State farm manager harvests solo amid COVID-19 to fight food insecurity

ABC11 Together highlights the strength of the human spirit, good deeds, community needs, and how our viewers can help

Thursday, April 23, 2020
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NC State farmer, professor harvests solo amid COVID-19 to fight food insecurity

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- ABC11 together is highlighting good deeds in the community as the NC State farm manager helps fight food insecurity.

"I'm doing a lot of weeding and mowing," Alison Reeves said.

Those tasks are ones her students normally help out with but these days, Reeves is reaping solo.

"We have planted tomatoes, carrots, swiss chard and beets," Reeves said.

Everything her students at the NC State Agroecology Education Farm grow goes from farm to table. Despite shutdowns and social distancing reeves still produces enough to supply.


"There's one dining hall that's still open. They're using what they can from us then connected to the Feed the Pack food pantry and giving out the produce there," Reeves said.

But the roots run even deeper.

"A lot of times it's out of reach for certain communities so to have access to fresh local produce is important," said Reeves.

So while her days are spent getting her hands dirty, Reeves said it's all for good reason.

"I couldn't not do this. This is my passion. Especially when I know its feeding NC State students and people who need it. That's my passion," said Reeves