NOW OPEN: Hotworx Infrared Fitness Studio Raleigh

RALEIGH, NC (WTVD) -- North Carolina's first 24-hour infrared fitness studio is now open in Raleigh.

Hotworx is located at 701 Tucker Street.

Virtual trainers take you through 15 or 30-minute classes in semi-private saunas with no more than three people.

You control the temperature in the sauna with infrared heat. Infrared heat is radiant energy that travels in wavelengths on the invisible light spectrum.

"It is good for skin, arthritis, muscle recovery, weight loss, its great for wrestlers, bodybuilders who need to cut weight," said Raleigh Hotworx General Manager Candace Clardy.

Classes run 24 hours a day and include: Hot yoga, Pilates, Warrior, Isometrics, Core, Buns, Cycling, and rowing.

The first class is free and unlimited monthly memberships are offered.

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