Woman fed up about windshield reimbursement

January 5, 2008 7:30:02 AM PST
A new windshield install turned into months of waiting for reimbursement. This Fayetteville woman got fed up with the empty promises so she e-mailed Troubleshooter Diane Wilson.

Ann Huntley tells Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, "I just want my money and that's it." Ann is only asking for $68.28.

Carolina Auto Glass of North Carolina owes her that money after they broke her rear view mirror while installing a new windshield. Ann adds, "My rear view mirror is not on the glass and I asked what's the matter where's my rear view mirror and he said mam I broke it and we will reimburse you."

Ann paid to have her mirror replaced and waited for a check. She says she was first told by Carolina Auto Glass of North Carolina that they lost the check. From there Ann continues to get more excuses and she's tired of it.

In August, the owner of Carolina Auto Glass of North Carolina told Troubleshooter Diane Wilson he would get Ann the check by the end of the week. By September, still no check.

This time, he said he's going through rough times with the business but would get Ann her money by the end of the month. In October, same story he says he's need another month.

In November, he admits it's been too long and will get Ann the money she's owned within the next two weeks. It's now January and still no check.

Ann adds, "His thing was I was getting irate with him, yes I was getting irate with him because he lied to me and then giving me all this runaround."

The owner of Carolina Auto Glass of North Carolina says he's sorry he hasn't taken care of this sooner, but assures Troubleshooter Diane Wilson Ann will get her money. We'll stay on top of it, until Ann gets her money.

The best advice if this happens to you, don't pay the final bill, until the damages are taken care of.