Man faces murder charges after accident


The driver of the car Alston hit, Matthew Kraft, was killed. In the car with Kraft was his girlfriend Michelle Dixon.

Kraft, 21, was less than a mile away from home Saturday morning, when the accident happened.

"When we first stopped, he kind of looked over at me and gave me that cheesy middle school smile like when you have a crush on someone and then I just gave the same look back," Dixon said.

When she looked away --police say Alston was barreling down /*Rock Quarry Road*/, going 70 miles an hour.

Just moments before a /*Raleigh*/ officer called for help. Fearing Alston maybe drunk, the officer followed him but gave up the chase just north of the beltline. Alston kept going.

"I didn't know what had happened at first, I was in such shock," Dixon said.

Kraft's car was crushed. Dixon walked away with a few bruises.

The following day, Kraft died at /*Wake Med*/.

By then, Alston posted bond on DWI and speeding charges, but on Monday he was back in jail. He is now also charged with felony hit and run.

"Make sure that he stays in jail for life, I don't want him to ever get out. I want him to face the death sentence," Dixon said.

Alston will appear in court Tuesday, to face the new charges.

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