Spencer Gifts update


Just last week, we showed you local parents upset that /*Spencer Gifts*/ not only has sexually provocative items on display, in plain view, and that minors are sometimes able to buy them.

Now Durham's /*District Attorney David Saacks*/ tells /*Troubleshooter*/ Diane Wilson he will review the case to see if Spencer Gifts is breaking the law.

He says he has several e-mails from concerned parents and is also getting information from Durham's Police Department. D.A. Saacks says each community has their own standards when it comes to the pornography laws, and he has to pull out the statues and see if laws are being broken.

Once he does this, he says he will get community leaders together to address these parents concerns and take on the issue. He says this will take time, and he won't be able to start his review until after he wraps up a murder case which is priority for him right now.

In a statement, Spencer's tells us, "In every location, we inform our guests, before entering, that a small portion of adult-themed merchandise is on display in the rear of the store. It is also our policy to discourage the sale of items with an adult theme to guests under the age of majority."

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