Couple saves dog from burning apartment


"My fiancé and I just got back from running through the forest behind our complex and scaling a six-foot wall, which is a little difficult for me in heels," Cox said. "To try and get to our apartment which thank God, we did. We were able to get our dog."

That's right. The two went inside to save their dog, Misha. It's a move many people would think twice about.

"We don't have children and our dog," Cox said. "That's our child. We have insurance to cover any personal things. But I can't replace my pet."

Everyone made it out of the apartment unharmed. Altogether 12 units were damaged and nearly 30 people were displaced.

Candace and her fiancé plan to stay in a hotel Wednesday night. The /*Red Cross*/ is also assisting people displaced by the fire.

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