Several narrow margins among N.C. candidates

April 22, 2008 2:58:25 PM PDT
We asked voters across the state about the races for president, senate and governor and here are the results.

North Carolina in every respect the opposite of Pennsylvania

On the day Pennsylvania Democrats vote in a primary that has seen opinion polls fluctuate wildly on how big her possible win might be, North Carolina Democratic Primary voters are steady-steady, and not with Clinton on top, but Obama.

Obama's advantage has fluctuated imperceptibly, or not at all, in four tracking polls conducted over the past 90 days. With 14-days until N.C. votes are counted, Obama leads by 9 points. In five previous tracking polls, going back to before the Michigan Primary, Obama's lead has been 4 points, 10 points, 8 points, 10 points.

41% Clinton
50% Obama
5% Other
5% Undecided

If Clinton and Obama do eventually join together and run as a one ticket, which would you rather see? Clinton for President with Obama as vice president? Or Obama for President with Clinton as Vice President?

48% Clinton Pres / Obama Vice
40% Obama Pres / Clinton Vice
12% Not Sure

In general, who has run the better campaign for President? Hillary Clinton? Barack Obama? Or are they both about equal?

25% Clinton
34% Obama
38% About Equal
3% Not Sure

Fred Smith makes inroads against Pat McCrory for governor

In a Republican Primary for governor of North Carolina with two weeks until votes are counted, Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory wins with 35% of the vote, according to a SurveyUSA poll conducted exclusively for ABC11 Eyewitness News.

State Senator Fred Smith is second with 24%, businessman Bill Graham and former State Supreme Court Justice Bob Orr tie for third in single digits. McCrory is down 3 points and Smith is up 5 from an identical poll taken two weeks ago, when McCrory led by 19; today, McCrory leads by 11. One in four likely voters remain undecided.

8% Graham
9% Orr
35% McCrory
24% Smith
24% Undecided

Perdue narrowly in front of Moore in Democratic Governor Primary

If the Democratic Primary for Governor were held now Lieutenant Governor Beverly Perdue wins with 43% of the vote. State Treasurer Richard Moore takes 39%. Two weeks ago, the two were tied at 40% each; one month prior to that, Perdue led by 16 points. In six tracking polls, conducted between November 2007 and today, Perdue has never received less than 40% or more than 48% of the vote; Moore has never received less than 28% or more than 40% of the vote.

39% Moore
43% Perdue
2% Nielsen
17% Other / Undecided

Hagan out in front for senator

In the race for senator among democrats, Kay Hagan beats Jim Neal, 38% to 16%, after 90 days where the two were effectively tied. Duskin Lassiter, Howard Staley, and Marcus Williams remain far back in single digits. 34% tell SurveyUSA they are undecided, or would vote for some candidate that SurveyUSA did not name -- down from 45% two weeks ago. Among men, Hagan trailed by 4 points two weeks ago, now she leads by 14. Among women, Hagan had led by 6, now leads by 29. Two weeks ago, 55% of women were undecided or voted for some other candidate; now, it's down to 37%. Hagan now leads among every demographic group and in every part of the state.

38% Hagan
16% Neal
3% Lassiter
4% Staley
6% Williams
34% Other / Undecided