Several narrow margins among N.C. candidates

North Carolina in every respect the opposite of Pennsylvania

On the day Pennsylvania Democrats vote in a primary that has seen opinion polls fluctuate wildly on how big her possible win might be, North Carolina Democratic Primary voters are steady-steady, and not with Clinton on top, but Obama.

Obama's advantage has fluctuated imperceptibly, or not at all, in four tracking polls conducted over the past 90 days. With 14-days until N.C. votes are counted, Obama leads by 9 points. In five previous tracking polls, going back to before the Michigan Primary, Obama's lead has been 4 points, 10 points, 8 points, 10 points.

41% Clinton
50% Obama
5% Other
5% Undecided

If Clinton and Obama do eventually join together and run as a one ticket, which would you rather see? Clinton for President with Obama as vice president? Or Obama for President with Clinton as Vice President?

48% Clinton Pres / Obama Vice
40% Obama Pres / Clinton Vice
12% Not Sure

In general, who has run the better campaign for President? Hillary Clinton? Barack Obama? Or are they both about equal?

25% Clinton
34% Obama
38% About Equal
3% Not Sure

Fred Smith makes inroads against Pat McCrory for governor

In a Republican Primary for governor of North Carolina with two weeks until votes are counted, Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory wins with 35% of the vote, according to a SurveyUSA poll conducted exclusively for ABC11 Eyewitness News.

State Senator Fred Smith is second with 24%, businessman Bill Graham and former State Supreme Court Justice Bob Orr tie for third in single digits. McCrory is down 3 points and Smith is up 5 from an identical poll taken two weeks ago, when McCrory led by 19; today, McCrory leads by 11. One in four likely voters remain undecided.

8% Graham
9% Orr
35% McCrory
24% Smith
24% Undecided

Perdue narrowly in front of Moore in Democratic Governor Primary

If the Democratic Primary for Governor were held now Lieutenant Governor Beverly Perdue wins with 43% of the vote. State Treasurer Richard Moore takes 39%. Two weeks ago, the two were tied at 40% each; one month prior to that, Perdue led by 16 points. In six tracking polls, conducted between November 2007 and today, Perdue has never received less than 40% or more than 48% of the vote; Moore has never received less than 28% or more than 40% of the vote.

39% Moore
43% Perdue
2% Nielsen
17% Other / Undecided

Hagan out in front for senator

In the race for senator among democrats, Kay Hagan beats Jim Neal, 38% to 16%, after 90 days where the two were effectively tied. Duskin Lassiter, Howard Staley, and Marcus Williams remain far back in single digits. 34% tell SurveyUSA they are undecided, or would vote for some candidate that SurveyUSA did not name -- down from 45% two weeks ago. Among men, Hagan trailed by 4 points two weeks ago, now she leads by 14. Among women, Hagan had led by 6, now leads by 29. Two weeks ago, 55% of women were undecided or voted for some other candidate; now, it's down to 37%. Hagan now leads among every demographic group and in every part of the state.

38% Hagan
16% Neal
3% Lassiter
4% Staley
6% Williams
34% Other / Undecided

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