Third wife emerges in bigamy case

/*Eyewitness News*/ spoke with an Atlanta woman who says she too is married to /*Keron Wilkins*/, who was ousted by another woman.

He remains behind bars in Raleigh.

When /*Dawn Stone*/ married Keron Wilkins of Cary a couple of months ago, she didn't know he had another wife and children living in Clayton.

She did know he had a tattoo of the name Jenean on his left bicep.

Early Thursday morning she got a call from a woman who said her name was Jenean.

"I said, 'That's girl whose name is on the tattoo on his chest. So this must be the third wife,'" Dawn said.

Eyewitness News also spoke with /*Jenean Baker-Wilkins*/ by phone.

"I just can't believe it," Jenean said. "I'm still in shock."

The couple married in November 2005.

After reviewing Jenean's wedding pictures, Dawn compared them with her and immediately noticed something.

"He had on the same outfit that he had on at our wedding which was three years later," Dawn said. "That must be his wedding outfit. I can imagine what his wife Chaka was thinking each and every time he left the house with that outfit on, 'He must be going to marry someone else.'"

Jenean said she also noticed the outfit.

The wives, along with investigators, are searching for a motive.

Jenean thinks she has one. She says she put thousands of dollars into the relationship after moving to Atlanta.

She points out that she knew Wilkins for many years before she married him. They met when they both served in the military.

Jenean says she no longer loves Wilkins.

"It's still a little piece of me that believes what we had was real and he was pretending with everyone else," she said.

What did Dawn think when she heard Jenean thought her relationship with Wilkins was special?

"About as special as hot grits on Sunday," Dawn said. "And about as special as the thought he put into that outfit that he put into that outfit that he wore to each wedding."

Dawn says she believes there are other wives, as many as seven.

Cary Police say they are looking into the claim but say so far, they have found only two in their jurisdiction.

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