Wilson to start as NC State quarterback


Wilson will be the third /*Wolfpack*/ signal caller since 1971 to start as a freshman in his first collegiate game. He is also just the eighth freshman quarterback to start a game over that time frame.

"As I've said from the beginning, the decision would be made on who we feel gives us the best opportunity to win the football game, and right now we feel Russell Wilson will do that," said O'Brien. "He will be our starter as we go but we certainly feel that Daniel [Evans] has some things he can contribute to this football team, as well. Russell is the starter and Daniel is the backup, but as Daniel knows he is one play away from being the starter."

"I'm excited to be the starter," Wilson said. "I believe Daniel and I can both step in and help this team win some games. The team is really excited to go down to South Carolina and we hope it will be a great game."

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