Investigators return to home of missing mother

STEM According to the sheriff, there's no evidence Kelly Currin Morris was at home at the time of the blaze. But, investigators are searching for any clues they may have overlooked, he said.

Several volunteers were also on hand searching through charred debris at the home Kelly shared with her husband and two children. Her family has hired a private canine team based in Burlington, NC. The dogs are trained to track the scent of a specific person. They spent the day searching for any sign of Kelly Currin Morris at her home and nearby woods.

Investigators have named William Scott Morris as a person of interest in the fire and his wife's disappearance. Eyewitness News has learned Morris has spoken with investigators several times but has not joined the search for his wife.

The mother of two went missing September 4, the same day her home mysteriously caught fire off Tump Wilkins Road in Stem. Morris' husband was said to be at work at the time of the blaze while their daughters were at school. Her vehicle was discovered less than a mile from her home with her purse, keys and cell phone locked inside.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Granville County Sheriff's Department at (919) 693-3213.

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