Fayetteville recycling goes big

FAYETTEVILLE For most of the city's residents, the 36-gallon, blue, standard issue cart is large enough. But for others, a larger cart is needed.

Now, the City is offering a larger cart to those who want it. But it does come at a price -- $54 to be exact. And if you want it delivered to your home, there is an $11 delivery fee.

The new carts can hold 96 gallons of material.

Fayetteville said it is offering the larger containers in order to meet the needs of it's citizens. Residents overwhelmingly chose the 96-gallon container in an online survey.

To order the new container, call the City Customer Call Center at 433-1FAY. You can also place an order in person at the City Services Building on Grove Street.

Online orders are being accepted at www.1fay.com. Just fill out a work order and select the service request "Purchase 96 gallon recycling cart." A staff member from the City Customer Call Center will contact you after your order is received.

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