Local boy makes good

WASHINGTON Thursday, Gibbs faced his first briefing with reporters, but was still able to smile and joke, and seemed fully at ease.

He fielded some tough questions - keeping his cool when asked twice if the President would cut his own salary to help an ailing economy.

"He says he wants to lead by example. He is the top. Should he lead by example?" asked a reporter.

"We'll check on that. I think that the charge he sent out yesterday in signing that pay freeze is part of strong ethical guidelines," Gibbs responded.

Taking questions from reporters is a long way from his days playing soccer and studying political science at NC State. Through the years, Gibbs has moved up the political ranks all the way to president's side.

Thursday, Gibbs spoke of his personal relationship with the Obama family and marveled at their strength despite drastic life changes.

"I know the family has moved three times in only a few weeks, but if you know them and you know their family, they've had a routine for a long time. They're very much the same four people I met five years ago when I went to work for them," he said.

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