Major murder cases on hold

RALEIGH The shooting happened in front of the couple’s two young children. Since then, Brown was committed to Dorthea Dix mental institution. Although she initially asked for a speedy trial, she was eventually found to be incompetent to face a jury.

At Wake County’s quarterly Homicide Status Hearings on Thursday, Brown’s attorneys and a prosecutor said that Brown’s condition has not changed.

Brown and her husband, Thierry, were divorced. He had custody of their 6 and 8-year-old children.

Prosecutors say Brown asked to meet as a family at the park in March of 2006. After eating pizza, she allegedly pulled a gun and fired. She is identified as the woman who then called 911. In the background, you can hear the caller say, “I killed you. I killed you.” She then told the children to pray.

Also at Thursday's hearing, the man accused of being Wake County’s most prolific murderer may not be tried in September as planned.

Samuel Cooper is accused of killing five men, mostly store clerks, who were being robbed between May 2006 and October 2007.

Both Cooper’s attorney and prosecutors say the evidence in the case - almost 60-thousand pages - is the most voluminous they have ever handled. The prosecutor says much of that evidence was sent to defense attorneys late because of the sheer volume.

Wake Superior Court Judge Don Stephens ordered that another defense attorney be added to the case to help with the workload, but he didn’t change the current September court date. Instead, he said he would review progress in the case at the next status hearing.

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