Does recession mean more parking tickets?

RALEIGH Eyewitness News took that question to the City of Raleigh after receiving a parking ticket.

According to the City of Raleigh, our news vehicle was more than a foot from the sidewalk.

We were parked across from the state capitol Wednesday while interviewing the secretary of the DOT. While away from the vehicle for a few minutes, we were issued a $20 penalty.

We measured the distance from the sidewalk and found we were in violation. Our vehicle was 17 inches from the curb instead of the mandated 12 inches, or one foot.

But the ticket got us thinking. Are the folks at Park Raleigh, the company that monitors the city's downtown streets, writing more citations during this economic downturn?

After all, studies have shown that law enforcers give out more traffic tickets during recessions. Why not parking?

Park Raleigh told Eyewitness News it has not cracked down to help boost bottom line.

The Mayor confirmed that.

"I'm not aware of any enhanced enforcement because of the economy," Raleigh Mayor Charles Meeker told Eyewitness News. "Certainly, there is regular enforcement."

As for regular enforcement, in the past, city leaders have been upset that certain parking violations, like being too far from the curb, are enforced inconsistently.

"The city has been concerned about enforcement, its consistency and some of the things that are technical," Meeker said.

And moving forward, the City will not renew its contract with Park Raleigh. City of Raleigh employees will take over enforcement within the next year or so.

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