More students being tased

FAYETTEVILLE So far this year, eight students have been shot with tasers in Cumberland County Schools, including six students who are only enough to have their mug shots released to the press.

It's a growing trend that concerns Interim Superintendent Tim Kinlaw.

"Well, we've had several incidents over the last week where we had students that were either in the process of assaulting another student or employee," Kinlaw said. "And unfortunately, they did not follow directions and tasing had to be utilized."

The incidents have occurred in seven Fayetteville schools, including Douglas Byrd, Jack Britt and 71st high schools. The more recent incident happened Wednesday t E.E. Smith High School.

Furman Evans, 19, was shocked after authorities say he slapped the glasses off a sheriff's deputy.

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Authorities say some of the students who have been tased have gang connections.

"When we see what some of these students go through to get into a gang, as far as initiating into the gang, they're not intimidated by a law enforcement officer anymore," Kinlaw said. "And I think that is part of our problem."

Gang hazing incidents are confined to students at E.E. Smith High School.

The number is up across the country. So, when does law enforcement believe it's appropriate to use a taser?

"Well, we have situations where a student becomes irate," said Debbie Tanna, Fayetteville Sheriff's Office spokesperson. "They're unable to be controlled in an environment where there are other people in that environment. We do give them two verbal warnings after we understand that there is no way that we're going to be able to defuse the situation."

School leaders and law enforcement officers say using a taser is the safest way to protect themselves and the student they're trying to get under control.

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