Web site helping troubled homeowners

RALEIGH Support centers are getting thousand's of calls each day from homeowners who want to know if they qualify, but now they can find out quicker with just a click of the mouse.

Homeowners can type in their information at makinghomeaffordable.gov to find out if they are eligible.

For those who qualify, they have the choice to either cut their mortgage payment or get a lower interest rate.

"What people need to realize is lenders don't want to be landlords they don't want to be homeowners of these homes because they're not real-estate businesses," said Jeremy Salemson with Corporate Investors Mortgage Group, Inc. "Right now they have too many of theses ones on their hands to being with so they want to work with consumers and they want to make sure they help people out and keep them in their homes."

The Web site is part of President Barack Obama's plan to help more than 9 million Americans keep their home.

Homeowner Maria Moore says she checked out the Web site to see if she met the qualifying criteria. Part of that means her current mortgage must be through Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.

"I think it's great there is a website you can go out there and look at," she said. "It says match found."

A match means one more option for families wanting a break in today's economy.

A lot of lenders are not a part of the pool reaching out to help. But officials say don't get discouraged if your loan is not from Fanny Mae or Freddie Mac loan, because you can still call your provider to see if they are offering any type of help.

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