Your Money: Spa Week

RALEIGH It's called Spa Week and it starts April 13th and runs through the 19th. Over 750 spas nationwide will be offering up to three spa services, normally $100 or more, for a discounted price of $50. Several spas here in the Triangle are taking part.

"The point of spa week is to offer people who have not had opportunity to come to spa or do enjoy going to spa offer them more affordable option in treatments," Anna Porrazzo, of Synergy Spa said.

Synergy spa in Raleigh is taking part in spa week, they're offering three different packages that range from massage, to eye treatments, manicures, pedicures and reflexology treatments. Each package just fifty bucks.

"All services we're offering have a $100 value so basically save over 50%. In this economy, it's a nice thing to be able to do for people do a little bit of pampering at a more affordable price," said Porrazzo.

Stewart Corchiani likes to be pampered, but says with the state of the economy every penny counts and she's looking forward to saving during spa week.

"You don't feel as guilty as you can take advantage of all the specials they have," she said.

You do have to sign up ahead of time for these special spa services that cost just 50 bucks. You can do that by logging onto

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