Controversy brewing in Wake County

Wakefield Elementary is just one of the schools that will be in session Monday. Alyssa and Ashley Losurdo are scheduled to be at school with their year-round track schedules.

And their mother, Heather Losurdo, is one of many parents upset classes are not cancelled for the federal holiday.

"It wasn't until extremely recently that I realized that they had school on Memorial Day," Heather said. "I had a couple of feelings, the first one after that would be anger and the next lone after that would be sadness for this generation, all generations, that that's ok. "

Wake GOP Chair Claude Pope Junior even called on parents to keep their kids home on Memorial Day.

The issue hits home for the Losurdo family, because both Heather and her husband served in the Air Force.

"That's not important enough to remember the people who have died for this country so we can have what we have," she said. "My husband and I definitely want to impress on our children that freedom is not free and it's very hard in our society to understand what has been given so we can have what we have."

Losurdo says she will spend the day teaching her children about Memorial Day, something she says she feels is lacking.

"They've got some stuff going down at the old capital building downtown Raleigh," she added. "There's something going on in Wake Forest and we as a family will be doing something active."

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