Beaver Back-up in Rocky Mount

Rocky Mount In this case, the dams they built have created quite a water log for some Rocky Mount residents who have homes next to the creek. These residents say they're concerned not only about their yards, but their health.

John and Judy Williford say they've been dealing with too many beavers. John says, "The beavers have built dams downstream and it backs the water up and fills the creek up with water, and when it does rain the water has nowhere to go except out in the banks into our yard." John says before the beaver's the creek would only be filled with water when there's a hard rain. He adds, "Two or three days later the creek would be dry enough that you could go out and walk in it."

When the beavers first made their homes, John says they called the City of Rocky Mount since they're supposed to keep it clean. He says crews did tear down to dams. He adds, "They may have torn two or three down, but the beavers will just build it back up." He says as long as the beavers stay, the problems stay. He says, "You can't do anything in your yard because your ground is so wet, and you can't walk around in it. It smells, it's a mosquito risk and a snake risk."

Fed-up John and his wife turned to Troubleshooter Diane Wilson. The rep with the City of Rocky Mount who handles that area says they're not ignoring the problem, as they've been there several times over the years; it's just an area the beavers are attracted to. He adds they've gotten the US Department of Agriculture involved which crews recently came out, set several traps and also tore down the dams.

The good news, the Williford's say the actions worked, they tell Troubleshooter Diane Wilson the creek is the lowest is been in two years, they say the USDA has been great, as crews have been there almost every day checking the traps. The rep for the City of Rocky Mount and the USDA, says they'll continue to monitor that area, but there is only so much you can do to tackle the problem. They're giving it more attention than other areas, but they do want to warn, unfortunately even if they trap and remove the beavers, they might find their way back.

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