Your Money: Holiday meal planning

"I think sometimes when you look at magazines, you see everything is very thematic," Davis says. "Now, where you have glassware and dishes and it all has to be specific color and has the turkeys on it and the holly, you know stick with what you've got!"

To set her table Davis used a beautiful green tablecloth she already had, candles she bought as an investment for use during power outages and she dusted off her beautiful wedding China.

When planning a meal, she says stick to recipes with affordable ingredients. Clip coupons, check fliers and buy items now to help you stick to your list. Last minute trips to the grocery store can blow your budget.

"I really like to look at serving size and the number of people who are coming and try to tailor my meals per person," Davis explains.

She says making your own food instead of buying pre-made dishes will save you $5 to $15 a dish.

The Debt Diva also recommends bargain shopping. She says do your own research. What's promoted in the grocery store isn't always the cheapest.

As you shop, you will see lots of promotions because stores want shoppers to spend money. Davis warns fellow bargain hunters to "really be mindful that items on the end that are marketed are the best price, and isn't stuck in the middle of the aisle."

Finally, get your family involved.

Davis say children can have a great time creating a beautiful centerpiece for the table from your own yard.

Davis created a lovely centerpiece with leaves and pecan from her yard. She borrowed gourds and small pumpkins from her neighbor.

The Debt Diva also recommends the following Web sites for children while they are on holiday break. You can download free coloring pages, games and worksheets for fun and then display them on the fridge.

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