Black Farmer's Market in Durham celebrates local agriculture

DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- Bernard Obie sets up his shop, Abanitu Organics, at the Black Farmer's Market. He normally sells his goods at the Durham's Farmer's Market just down the street.

Fresh greens picked from his nearby property catch in the wind, gently blowing the leaves. Wreaths are placed on pegs in his business's tent for sale.

Obie's father before him. His father. Before his father's mother... the arm of time reaching back four generations of Roxboro farmers. He's the fifth.

"A lot of has changed over the years, but you know, our commitment to being good stewards of the land is really the foundation of the farm," Obie said

The work of black agriculture on full display at the annual event, part of a combined event hosted by Black August in the Park.

"The story of Durham is very much the story of thriving black businesses," said Derrick Beasley, co-founder of Black August in the Park. "And in particularly this event with the farmers... black farmers are so under represented so we want to make sure that they have a space so they don't get erased."

Farmers not the only ones on display, though 15 farmers in total were in attendance.

The entrepreneurial spirit swirls through the market's location - in the parking lot of the former NC Mutual Insurance Legacy Towers. 25 additional business with goods to offer stand on display.

"We want black owners and black businesses to thrive and be successful," said Black August In the Park co-founder Crystal Taylor, "So when people come out and support these events they support businesses they support their mission and they also support the community we live in."

The founders of Black August in the Park said they will host another Black Farmer's Market in the spring.
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