Blue Cross Blue Shield promises transparency in wake of CEO scandal

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Wednesday, October 9, 2019
Blue Cross promises more transparency
Blue Cross promises more transparency in the wake of the headline-making charges against former CEO Patrick Conway.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina is promising more transparency.

In a letter sent Wednesday, BCBSNC announced a change in protocol following its handling of the arrest of former CEO Patrick Conway.

The letter was also sent to Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey.

In it, the Board of Trustees said: "Please know that throughout this process, our board's actions were based on the information known to us at that time, and our actions were always made in good faith."

Conway was convicted of DWI and child abuse charges Tuesday in Randolph County related to an incident in June. Conway reportedly swerved out of his lane on Interstate 85 and crashed into the back of a truck. His daughters were in the vehicle with him at the time of the crash. Nobody was injured in the crash.

He is appealing the conviction.

Initially, BCBS supported Conway, but after public outcry, including Causey calling for Conway to resign, the board said Conway's actions fell short of the company's standards, and he resigned.

In the full statement Wednesday, BCBS said:

"We understand the handling of the incidents surrounding former Blue Cross NC CEO Dr. Patrick Conway has disappointed many of our valued customers, state leaders, and employees. Please know that throughout this process our Board's actions were based on the information known to us at that time, and our actions were always made in good faith.

"While we cannot undo the events that have unfolded over recent weeks, we can act to restore your trust. To that end, our Board of Trustees is developing new, enhanced procedures to improve transparency in the reporting of significant events.

"We remain fully committed to continuing our work to transform our health care system through value-based initiatives like Blue Premier, bringing advanced primary care to North Carolina, and to helping our customers get more affordable, higher quality health care.

"We recognize that we cannot achieve this without first restoring the trust you have put in us for more than 85 years. The work to restore that trust has started - and we are committed to seeing it through."

The board detailed its plan of action in the letter to Causey. You can read the full letter here.

In Conway's place, the Chief Operating Officer, Gerald Petkau, is acting as interim CEO.


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