Need your car repaired? You could be waiting months because of supply chain issues with parts

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Friday, January 13, 2023
Need a car repaired? It could take months thanks to supply chain woes
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Some auto-repair shops are facing supply chain issues when it comes to getting certain parts and that means drivers could be without their cars for months.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Imagine waiting months without your car all because of the availability of parts to fix it.

It's happening to drivers here in the Triangle as some auto-repair shops are still facing supply chain issues when it comes to getting certain parts.

Raleigh driver Michael Appollonio experienced the delays firsthand after a hit-and-run accident that left his SUV with thousands of dollars worth of damage. Since the police never caught the driver who hit his car, he had to file a claim with his insurance company.

His insurance did cover the damages and cut a check for the repairs and he found a body shop to do the work. But that didn't mean repairs would start right away.

"She told me right away it was going to take a while, they're backed up right now," Appollonio said.

The shop that was repairing his SUV was not only busy, but one of the parts needed to repair Appollonio's SUV was not available. Appollonio didn't have rental insurance, so while he waited for the part to come in, he was without a car.

When he couldn't find a ride from a friend, he was forced to pay for rides to and from work. He stayed in touch with the body shop but was told one of the parts is still not in.

"He just keeps telling me he's frustrated and there's nothing he can do," Appollonio said.

After waiting months and still no word on when the part would be in, Appollonio got in touch with Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, and she reached out to the shop, Carolinas Collision Centers of Durham.

"Every collision center out there right now, it's got more cars than it can actually repair and parts," Dan Lantier with Carolinas Collision Centers said. "So parts back orders are part of that delay as well as staffing."

Lantier said they are just as frustrated with the length of time some repairs are taking, especially when it comes down to waiting for just one part, like in Appollonio's case.

"The nature of what kind of part it was, it was holding up the repairs completely. We could not move any farther," Lantier said.

Once Wilson reached out, the shop was able to find the part from a source other than the manufacturer.

"Fortunately, we were able to source one part out of Northern Virginia," Lantier said.

It still took some time for the shop to get Appollonio's car back together, but after months of waiting, he's finally back on the road.

"Thank you to ABC News and you for helping me and supporting me and helping me get my car back," Appollonio said. "This takes off a lot of stress and anxiety."

Before you take your car in for repair, ask about the availability of parts. If it's still drivable, see whether they will order it, and start the repair once the part comes in.

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