I-team examines new documents from crash that killed UNC student

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Friday, April 5, 2024
New documents released tied to crash that killed UNC student
New documents released tied to crash that killed UNC student

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WTVD) -- The I-Team is examining new documents which are focused on the moments before a crash that killed a UNC student back in January.

Several people have been charged for their alleged involvement including three UNC Football players.

One of them--Travis Shaw--allegedly spent $910 on three bottles of tequila that night, according to investigators.

We previously reported a huge group had been gathered and were partying at the Franklin Street nightclub Still Life for a birthday party and that shots were poured out for multiple people, but the new report from ALE or Alcohol Law Enforcement shows just how much was purchased.

The nearly hundred pages details a step by step of their investigation into Still Life and Might As Well, another long-time Franklin Street establishment.

There are also interviews with several people including football player Zach Rice whose court appearance we were in attendance for last month.

Rice is charged with speeding, underage drinking and driving after consumption under the age of 21.

The interview with Rice shows Molly Rotunda, who was killed that night, texted him asking for a ride after they left Still Life. He told investigators he didn't see the message.

An investigator writing "I could see Rice appeared upset and may have even felt some form of guilt over Rotunda's death by missing this text. I sat down next to Rice and briefly tried to console him."

Rice also told investigators he was driving next to the car Molly was in--a car allegedly driven by UNC student Flemeeja Brewer which was clocked at more than 120 miles per hour.

Rice said to investigators he let the other car merge as a lane was ending and when he hit his brakes, Brewer's car went past him and in the air.

He and fellow football player Mali Hamrick--who was in the car with him--got out, pulled Molly out and called 9-1-1.

But then the report says "Rice stated they left the scene after they saw the ambulance pick up Rotunda and again stated 'It was too much.'"

Another page of the documents shows a picture of Brewer's speedometer and the dash stuck in place at more than 100 mph

We reached out to Mali Hamrick for comment. Rice's attorney after court told us his client was not guilty.

We have also reached out to Still Life and Might As Well for comment.