Watch for costly mortgage scams during COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to take millions of dollars from consumers. According to the Federal Trade Commission, the total loss in scams since the pandemic started for consumers is an estimated $124 million.

Out of that money lost, North Carolina consumers account for $3.82 million. The average an NC consumer lost to a scam is $346, according to the FTC.

One robocall that is aimed at taking your money involves the promise to get you a lower mortgage rate. If you fall for the call, the scammers will get your personal information, including asking for your social security number and banking information to try to steal your identity and also money.

RoboKiller, which is an app that answers spam calls and then pranks the callers, recently launched TextKiller, which protects consumers from potential scam text messages from numbers not listed in their contacts. Several scams text messages involve the promise of masks, COVID-19 testing, and help with your stimulus money.

Another fake robocall that ABC11 viewers continue to get involves scammers posing as the Social Security Administration. They threaten to arrest or to freeze your benefits if you don't call them back. When you get a call like this or a questionable text or email, don't respond right away, take some time to make sure it's legitimate, so you protect your money.
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