Share your heroes: Army vet also a compassionate nurse stepping up during COVID-19

Friday, June 26, 2020
Army vet also serves as a dedicated nurse who inspires her patients
Domonique McGeachy served in the U.S. Army for seven years and is currently a Reservist.

Domonique McGeachy is a Nurse Practitioner specializing in Gerontology.

"Thanks for being a positive example of a health care professional," her son said.

McGeachy served in the U.S. Army for seven years and is currently a Reservist.


"As we go through this coronavirus pandemic, we grapple with what's going on with this pandemic, we need people like you that stand on the front line who is courageous and very thoughtful and committed and dedicated to the citizens of North Carolina as well as the citizens of this country," Hoke County Commissioner Harry Southerland said.

Domonique's mother and aunt also expressed pride in Domonique's accomplishments.

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"We just wanted to let you know how proud we are of you with your nurse practitioner accomplishments and your love that you have for the elderly," Michelle Smith, Domonique's mother, said.

Domonique looked out for Darryl McCant's mother.

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"She really loves her patients. And she looked out for my mother when she was in the hospital years ago and she made her transition, but Domonique told her she was going to take good care of her and she did."

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"Dad and I love you very much," her 8-year-old son said. "And we salute you."