No charges will be filed in death of man shot 6 times by Raleigh police after allegedly pointing BB gun at officer

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Friday, August 28, 2020
No charges will be filed in death of man shot 6 times by Raleigh police officer in January
District Attorney Lorrin Freeman said Officer Tapscott "reasonably believed that his life was in danger" and that the use of force was lawful.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- District Attorney Lorrin Freeman said a Raleigh Police Department officer used lawful force in the shooting death of a man in January and that no criminal charges would be filed in the investigation.

On January 30, Officer WB Tapscott shot 11 rounds at 52-year-old Keith Collins on Pleasant Valley Road near Glenwood Avenue. An autopsy report said Collins was shot six times.

Freeman's investigation included both an analysis of Tapscott's body-worn camera footage and his recount of what happened. Freeman's report said investigators weren't able to find any witnesses who saw what happened between Tapscott and Collins.

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In the analysis, Freeman detailed the interaction between Tapscott and Collins.

The Raleigh Police Department said Tapscott tried to talk to Collins, but he raised his hands in the air before turning and running away.

Tapscott followed after him. Collins reached for the front of his pants, where the caller said he had placed the gun. Tapscott slowed down and ordered for Collins to show his hands. When Collins turned and pointed a gun at the officer, the officer fired his weapon four times.

Collins fell to the ground.

Police said Collins then pointed his weapon at the officer again, causing Tapscott to fire another three shots.

Tapscott then moved back to a nearby utility pole, but when Collins attempted to get up and point his weapon at Tapscott again, the officer ordered him to the ground before firing another four rounds.

A Raleigh Police Department report released in February said Collins' weapon turned out to be a BB gun.

Freeman's investigation and the RPD report said Tapscott fired 11 shots in total at Collins. Collins was taken to the hospital where he died.

You can read Freeman's report here.

"While this incident resulted in the tragic loss of Mr. Collin's life, this investigation has determined that the use of this force by Officer Tapscott was lawful and therefore criminal charges will not be pursued," Freeman wrote.