'Every legal option.' NC Attorney General vows to fight new abortion law

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Thursday, May 18, 2023
Attorney General vows to fight new abortion ban
Attorney General vows to 'review every legal option' with new abortion ban

North Carolina is already involved in a legal battle over medication abortion. Attorney General Josh Stein filed a brief with the United State Supreme Court and is now weighting what to do with the General Assembly's decision to sign off on a 12-week abortion ban.

"Yesterday was a dark day for freedom in North Carolina. Our right wing, out-of-control legislature stripped women of fundamental freedom. Their right to make decisions about their own bodies, their families, their future," said Stein.

Stein vows to fight back and ABC11 asked if that means filing a lawsuit.

"We're going to continue to analyze and review every legal option at our disposal to try to ensure to make sure that women has many rights to make their health care decisions," said Stein.

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He warns that Republicans are positioning themselves to completely prohibit abortions.

That claim is being dismissed by top a GOP leader.

"There's no other bill," said Senate Leader Phil Berger. "I think we ended up in a place that represents a good compromise."

Berger is taking a shot at Governor Cooper and Democrats right after the Senate voted to override the veto.

"They will do things that make no sense, that cost a lot of money, because they depend so much on the abortion lobby for funding their campaigns," said Berger.

Stein said in response, "His criticism makes no sense. He is trying to distract people from the reality, the truth, that they have just taken away freedoms from people in the state."

ABC11 reached out to Berger's Office to get its take on the possibility of a lawsuit. We're still waiting on a response.


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