Independent consultants review actions of Raleigh police during George Floyd protests

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Raleigh leaders met downtown Tuesday for the final steps in reviewing Raleigh police officers' actions during the May protests surrounding the death of George Floyd.

Some recommendations presented by Chicago-based 21CP Consultants included:

  • Following large demonstrations, the community should be invited to a debrief with Raleigh police leadership so officers can hear about individual experiences and community concerns.

  • Raleigh police should explore enhancements to its body camera policy including giving more specific guidance on when cameras should be turned on.

  • Use of force should only be used when other means of resolving a situation have been exhausted or failed.

The Chicago-based consultants stressed the recommendations are not an indictment of the police department.
RPD releases hundreds of body, dash cam videos from demonstrations at end of May

The presentation mentioned the City of Raleigh has a picket or protest permitting ordinance that states no picketing shall be conducted unless an application has been received by the chief or her designee. The consultant group said the city and police department should explore benefits of more rigorously enforcing relevant to the permitting of First Amendment-protected activity.

After the presentation, city council members asked consultants questions. Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin has asked for a response to the report by mid-December.

Raleigh activist Kerwin Pittman said he knew some constituents who were called to be a part of this investigation but many did not want to participate.

"We've been asking for total transparency for a long time after incidents take place for us to sit down and say listen, 'This is what was done wrong, this is how you can better fix this,'" said Pittman.

"I'm glad months later it's finally come out and they're admitting this and standing on this but the question now is how do we move forward to ensure that the things that occurred to the citizens that night does not happen again," said Pittman.

Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin said the third-party review of the May events was meant to improve policy and policing. Baldwin said 21CP was formed after being on President Obama's task force to reform policing.

"These are people who are committed to the goal, committed to taking best practices, committed to taking what they've learned in other communities and sharing that information with those who work with them," said Baldwin. "We get the benefit of their wisdom and their knowledge of what's happening in other communities."

Baldwin said 21CP was formed after being on President Obama's task force to reform policing.

"It's not only about how we manage protests but also what are our policies regarding use of force, what are our policies with mutual aid and working with other police departments," said Baldwin.

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