Walmart rewards woman who reunited another with her lost wedding rings

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Tuesday, March 27, 2018
Walmart rewards woman for returning ring
Walmart wanted to reward Essie for her good dead.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- A good deed rewarded - a Raleigh woman fought for weeks to find another woman who lost her wedding rings at Walmart parking lot.

On Tuesday, that store wanted to make sure the good deed didn't go unnoticed.

Esther Daniel made it her mission to return this diamond engagement ring and wedding band back to their rightful owner.

ABC11 Together helped her reunite the rings with the Raleigh elementary school teacher who lost them.

After seeing our ABC11 Together story, Walmart reached out to Eyewitness News. They wanted to reward Daniel for her good deed, so we told her to meet us at the store and she had no idea why.

"We just wanted to thank you for your honesty and for the good deed and on behalf of Walmart I would like to present to a $500 gift card," the store's assistant manager, Salif Saidy, said.

"I'm excited," Daniel said, with a quiet smile.

"I was moved and it was humbling because I was just doing what needed to be done, and what I would like someone to do for me," she said.

Saidy brought the story full circle. Daniel asked him to give out her number if someone came looking for the ring in the store.

"I was actually emotional too, when I first heard this story, that she was able to get the ring back to the right person," Saidy said.

"Never stop fighting for the right thing," Daniel said. "Always keep on fighting, and keep on doing the right thing, and don't quit."