My phone says snow. Is that real?!!

Is your weather app showing snowflake this morning?

If you looked at your weather app this weekend, or even this morning, it's detecting a cold trend in the long-range models.

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Rain arrives Tuesday into Wednesday and that front could bring significant rainfall, at least an inch in spots.

Then the front stalls offshore Thursday and Friday, and that's where the problem is.
An area of low pressure could develop along the front and run right up it like a railroad track. If that low tracks close enough to us, we would get some rain. At the moment, there's about a 20% chance of rain here.

On the north side of that front, there will be very cold air will be in place right over us. That air will be cold enough to turn rain into a wintry mix, or even some light snow.
Now, these models have been all over the place because of how far out we are. Looking at the GFS (American Model) we see several inches difference from one model run to the next.

This is why we don't forecast amounts of snow this far out. Though you will see in your social media feed today someone saying 6 INCHES OF SNOW, don't believe it. This far out we do look for trends though, and if the model over 2 or 3 runs is showing a snowflake, well then we start to think we may see some.

Bottom line: Will we see snow Friday? Maybe. How much snow will we see? You won't hear it from this guy... I try to be responsible (at least with my snow forecasting).
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